Attrium home center | a company on the right path

The Attrium company has in the four years it has been in existence managed to establish itself as a recognizable name on the furniture manufacture market in Serbia.

The Attrium company has in the four years it has been in existence managed to establish itself as a recognizable name on the furniture manufacture market in Serbia.

The impressive home center, their new production plant, diversification of production and services, as well as a constant growth in demand for their products make this company one of the fastest growing business in the country.

When I was starting off I had no experience in the industry. By chance one of my employees with decades of experience recommended I start this project. We acquired used machines in order to start producing but by the following year we realized that they did not meet our needs. It was necessary to buy new modern equipment to develop our company. After an analysis of our needs and what the market offered, I decided to start collaborating with Top Tech Woodworking, from which I bought Biesse machines. What helped me decide was the reliability of the equipment but also the human factor – the service support which was able to come to my help when necessary. This proved itself to be an efficient and highly beneficial arrangement for my company.
says Slaviša Radmilović.

The first machines started arriving to the production plant in Preljina in late 2015. The Akron 1440 edgebanding machine, the panel saw Sektor 450 and the Rover K 1232 work center were installed in the prearranged time, after which the operators were trained to use the new equipment. These investments and the dedication to quality and improvement of services spurred on the Attrium company and since then demand has increased steadily. In order to keep up with growing demand, new equipment was purchased, such as the vertical drilling machine Brema Eko 2.1, the edgebander JADE 340 and another beamsaw Sektor 450. As the head of the Attrium company, Slaviša Radmilović, was conscious of the potential of the market in which he is competing, and he did not sit on his hands. A new investment cycle was started, a new modern 1500-sqm plant was constructed with another 1000-sqm cool area and, of course, new Biesse machines were purchased: Stream A – a high-productivity edgebanding machine, the trusted Sektor 450, while the JADE 340 was replaced by Akron 1440, acquired through the buy-back option, which Top Tech Woodworking offers its clients.

With the construction of a new plant and the purchasing of new machines we doubled our production capacities, which required the construction of additional warehouses. In the next period we are planning to expand production. The construction of a new plant enables us to increase productivity and efficiency, as the old shop became too small for developing in the areas we had envisioned. At this moment the demand for our products is almost surpassing our current capacities, so the construction of the new production plant and the purchasing of new machines was done at the right time. With the old setup we quickly would have started lagging behind, which would most certainly have had a negative impact on our business and the relationship which we have established with our clients. When serial production begins in full capacity, we will be able to see where the bottleneck is but all our current analysis points to drilling, so our next purchase will be one of the machines from the Skipper series. In the future, when the time comes to replace our machines, and there are indicators that this will happen soon, we plan to purchase higher category machines, which means our production will gradually increase and with higher quality solutions – says Mr. Radmilović.

There is certainly room for improvement and plans for the future.

Our production is currently developing in three directions, adds the head of Attrium. – Our primary direction, one we will not neglect, is the manufacture of custom-made furniture. Our design center, where four designers try to meet the needs of our clients, is very important in this sense. The second direction is courtesy cutting and edgebanding for carpenters. The third direction which we are working on at the moment is the start of a new production line for serial production, located in the newly constructed plant.

The backbone of this new direction will be Biesse technologies and support.

Biesse machines are a good balance between price and quality, but the deciding factor is the human element. The sales and service department and the entire support network offered by Top Tech Woodworking have fully met my expectations, so what was the decisive factor when we started became the decisive factor in the continuation of our cooperation. I think that the fact that Attrium will continue to rely on Biesse machines speaks of the extent to which I am satisfied with the services provided so far – Slaviša Radmilović, head of Attrium