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Cefla Finishing, a business unit within the Cefla Group, designs and manufactures industrial machines and finishing lines.

Cefla designs finishing machines and lines for the industries of wood, wood derivatives, plastics, metals, glass, ceramics, fiber cement and composite materials.

Thanks to the skills acquired through almost 60 years of market experience, specialized knowledge and a unique commitment to innovation, Cefla develops cutting-edge technologies that improve the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of production processes.

Clients who have chosen Cefla Finishing systems include big names in the construction, furniture and design industries, as well as key players in the automotive, aerospace, lifestyle and electronics sectors. Seven production facilities in Italy, Germany, China and the United States of America, as well as seven branches abroad, enable contact with customers worldwide to jointly create finishing solutions that best suit customers’ business needs, while providing immediate on-site technical support .

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