Biesse Inside 2019: from October 3 to 5 in Pesaro

Date: October 3-5, 2019
Location: Pesaro, Italy

Over 3000 visitors were registered at the BIESSE INSIDE 2019 home fair, the central reference point of the second half of the year in terms of events in the sector dedicated to woodworking and modern materials. A very significant number of visitors is a reward for the daily efforts and focus of the BIESSE Group on the customer. The 5,000 m2 innovation campus welcomed visitors from Europe.

Organized by the authorized representative of TOP TECH WOODWORKING, the event was attended by more than 80 guests from Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The guests visited the production facilities and were informed in detail about the digital factory for large industries and small companies, which will be presented at the Belgrade Fair (SMART FACTORY – for small factories).

In its fiftieth year, the Biesse Group is pushing the boundaries of the future, not only on a technological level, but also on a human level.

In this way, neologisms and definitions are formed, concepts and visions are mixed, in order to renew the deep alliance between man and technology.

With its solutions, BIESSE follows customers in a new technological language thanks to which man and machine communicate: ALPHABITE.

We will mention the concepts:


The factory of the future is a reality where the machine of great possibilities fulfills the ideas of the human mind – the winning partnership that forms between them offers the possibilities and advantages associated with robotization and the digital factory.

Thanks to this alliance and Biesse technology, production becomes interconnected and fully automated – AutomAction. This concept leads to the creation of a digitized factory in large industrial plants and is the key to strengthening and increasing the production performance of large furniture manufacturers.


SmartAction was conceived alongside the AutomAction concept, as a new technological trend within every production environment, even a small one.

The new SmartAction concept differs from AutomAction in that it is aimed at companies that want to introduce digitalization for the first time.

The concept enables the creation of a compact, connected and affordable factory, offering an opportunity to small and medium-sized enterprises that want to become more competitive in the market.

By applying all the possibilities offered by Industry 4.0, machines are connected in real time and guarantee fast and optimized production.