Maggi range of woodworking products

The Maggi team consists of experts, ready to listen and meet the needs of craftsmen, small and medium-sized furniture manufacturers, because they want to help them develop their business in an increasingly competitive market. Maggi strives to become the most valuable and reliable partner in business with its customers.

Boring machines with one head

Radial arm saws

Boring machines with multiple heads

Automatic feeders

CNC boring machines

The current state of the market is such that new trends and major challenges for machine manufacturers are constantly being set. Constant improvement of technology is necessary, and Maggi is constantly succeeding in this, as evidenced by over 60 years of successful business, both in Italy and abroad.

About Maggi

More than 60 years of experience! The company was founded in 1963 by Lionel Maggi. A mechanic with design skills and experience in the field of automatic feeders, who decided to start his own production. He worked for years in the company that produced the mentioned products. Rich in creativity and a desire to stand out, aware of his skills and entrepreneurial spirit, he began to construct his first automatic typewriter, which marked the beginning of the Maggi company. After only 6 years, the small craftsman began to be quoted well on the European market.

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