58th International Fair of Machines, Tools and Manufactures in the Wood Industry Completed

58th International Fair of Machines, Tools and Repromaterials for the Wood Industry held from November 8 to 12, 2022.

– For us at the company TOP TECH WOODWORKING, the Fair of machines, tools and raw materials for the wood industry is always a central event, in the preparation and implementation of which we invest a lot of time, effort and funds. After a two-year break due to the pandemic, and given circumstances such as global inflation and the general feeling of insecurity among business entities caused by the crisis in Ukraine, we did not have high expectations for this event. However, the wood industry once again proved to be one of the stronger and healthier pillars of the Serbian economy, as the number of exhibitors and excellent attendance on all days of the Fair proved.

– TOP TECH WOODWORKING decided to emphasize machines for this event, so the stand was designed on that basis. We managed to provide our guests with demonstrations of the technological capabilities of the best-selling BIESSE machines and software from almost every category: CNC processing, drilling, formatting and canting, which was presented on as many as three machine models. This approach turned out to be absolutely correct, which was demonstrated by the visit, which was not seen even in better times. The fact that we have registered nearly 200 companies as visitors to our stand speaks for itself. In addition to meeting our business friends from Serbia and the region, we are especially proud of the time spent talking and socializing with students from secondary vocational schools, vocational academies and faculties, which is already growing into a tradition.

From this perspective, it seems that separating this exhibition from the Furniture Fair was a good choice. It is obvious that buyers of final products are moving more and more in the digital world, and therefore manufacturers are paying more attention to that segment of marketing. As a consequence, Fairs in the classical sense do not arouse interest as before, so the question of the economic justification of participating in them inevitably arises, especially in such turbulent times. The furniture, machinery and raw materials fair, on the other hand, partly due to its nature and structure of visitors, and partly due to the specificity of what it offers and the current level of technology, should not be threatened by the changes that digitization brings. However, it would be wrong to ignore new trends, so we, as a responsible company, must find a way to modernize our future performances at the Fair in order to not only maintain the existing level of marketing communication with our clients, but also further improve it.

said Marijana Petrović, director of TOP TECH WOODWORKING