Doors of the company “Renie” – quality without compromise

For the company “Renie”, accuracy, reliability and technological innovations of the last generation are a priority.

For formatting purposes, the reliable Selco SK 450 shredder is used, a solution proven to be one of the best and most reliable, not only in its class, but also in the entire formatter segment. The application of all the necessary materials to the edges is performed by the Akron 1445, a compact single-sided edging machine, designed to simplify preparatory operations with maximum precision in operation.

The very heart of production is the five-axis Biesse Rover A 1632, a solution designed for the production of doors and windows. Thanks to the intuitive bSolid software, the operator easily creates all the necessary operations on the machine, and the built-in 3D simulation of the real operation of the machine minimizes possible errors.

The production process is rounded off by the Viet S3 221, a machine for final processing with maximum precision and functionality, which provides the top quality of finishing that “Renie” clients expect.

When a company’s portfolio consists of projects such as hotels and luxury villas across Europe or the building of the Clinical Center in Novi Sad, or the equipping of an airport in Africa, success is not something to spend too many words on. On the other hand, the way in which the doors produced in Chennai reached the most demanding clients in over 20 countries around the world certainly deserves attention.

Mr. Uroš Subotin founded the company “Renie” back in 1988 because, as he says, of his love for wood and art. In more than three decades of work, he has come from a small craft workshop, focused on interior design, to a company that belongs to the European top in door production. Precision in work with attention to every detail and striving for the maximum quality of each individual product are qualities that Mr. Subotin managed to integrate into the business culture of his company.

“We do not deal with production in its classic sense, because our goal is not maximum production but maximum quality. In order to make a truly exceptional product, which our doors really are, it is necessary that everything be at the top level: from equipment, to raw materials for production and packaging, to logistics and assembly. The components we procure for production are used by a very small number of companies, even outside the borders of Serbia. Business and meeting deadlines are our imperative”, he explains.

And while for most companies in Serbia, the lack and fluctuation of labor is a daily problem, most of the employees at “Renie” have been coming to their workplace for more than fifteen years.

“We work in one shift, and thanks to good production planning, there is rarely a need for overtime. In the production plant, each employee has his role and he is only expected to do his part of the job in the best possible way. We particularly insist on workplace hygiene, and the quality of the work is strictly controlled at every stage”, explains Uroš Subotin. “Considering the number of orders we receive, we could easily double the number of workers and increase production capacity, but that is not the path for us. We believe in our abilities and the way of working that has brought us to where we are. Whether it is the door of an X-ray room, a luxury hotel or a music studio, every piece that leaves our production must be flawless. We are very proud of everything we make, and this feeling is exactly why we started doing this business”, Mr. Subotin points out.

Cover photo: Music studio AS STUDION TON, Belgrade