“Elit Les” Nikšić: Speed is key to success

We remain focused on the Montenegrin market. The results of the market research that we ordered in cooperation with three other companies, showed some interesting things. According to the last census, slightly more than 500,000 people live in Montenegro, at the same time there are more than 600,000 housing units, of which about 20% are not equipped at all.

It is a huge potential, and there are currently no signs of slowing down the growth of the construction sector. According to our projections, there will be enough work in this branch in the next 5 years, just to stop construction at this point.

2019. year is one of those that none of us will remember for many good things. The pandemic of the COVID 19 virus has brought major changes to everyday life and left serious consequences for business operations.

But as the saying goes, where some see a problem, others see an opportunity. Three friends, Stefan Rosandić, Vanja Simović and Blažo Kovačević, at a time when a large number of companies are shutting down, leave their previous jobs and found the company “Elit Les” in Nikšić.

What has allowed this company to survive in the market is the business direction and way of working that are different from others. Although service cutting and edging as a business concept is nothing new, in a short time this company managed to become one of the largest partners of carpenters in Montenegro, with a base of over 200 registered clients in this area.

“Speed is the key to our success, along with unquestionable quality that must be at the highest possible level. Everything that is ordered is cut and boxed in 24 hours, and delivered to any address in Montenegro within 48 hours at the latest. Geographically, Nikšić is the center of Montenegro, and that good position allows us to cover both the north and the coast, as well as Podgorica, which is a big market,” explains Mr. Rosandić.

In order to meet these deadlines, a lot of work is needed, and thanks to the good organization “Elit Les” manages to achieve this with only 15 workers.

“Our cutting capacity is about 100 boards per day, which is about 2000 boards per month, but the current needs of the market are at the level of 1400-1600 boards per month. In addition, the working hours of our employees are 07:00-15:00, weekends are free. What we can finish in those 5 days, we do, we don’t take more than we can achieve, but not less”.

We have used exclusively BIESSE equipment from the very beginning. We have two SELCO SK 450 formatters, as well as two AKRON 1440 edgebanding machines. In my previous company, I also had experience with equipment from other manufacturers, but even though they are quality machines, what BIESSE brings is the speed and quality of service that others are unable to provide. achieve. For us, the machine was never stopped for more than 24 hours, whenever we had a problem it was solved through a telephone conversation with the repairman or a quick trip to the field. This is key to our delivery time, around which our entire business is based, says Elite Les.

Everyone is satisfied with the results, but the eyes of the leading people of the company “Elit Les” are always turned towards the future.

“We constantly monitor the market, we have to do it, that’s what guides us. The company is currently doing well, we are liquid, we have professional staff and a well-trained workforce, but you have to think ahead. We came from a system that made up to 16 million euros in turnover, but when it was going well, we didn’t think ahead and the company shut down,” Stefan Resandić cautiously points out.

Nevertheless, the direction in which the company he manages will move is clear, and there is always room for improvement in business.

“We will not change the concept of work” is categorical Mr. Rosandić. “At the beginning, we promised the carpenters that we would not start our own furniture production, and we do not want to violate that trust in any way. We have enough workers and enough space to develop. We recently solved the problem with warehouse space, and now we have to purchase additional machines, primarily formatizers, since cutting is becoming a bottleneck for us,” says the director of the “Elit Les” company.

“We are also proud of the good cooperation we have with colleagues from the industry. We don’t have any kind of vanity, the most important thing for us is the carpenter, he is in the first place, the most important thing is that the service he ordered is completed, and everything else will be easy”